Radical Remedies & Botanical Skincare

Hi, I'm Becky. Herbalist, Reiki practitioner, creator of Cedar Hill Herbs and One World Herbal Community. Cedar Hill Herbs is based out of Falkland, BC where I create small batch, handcrafted herbal remedies and botanical skincare products infused with love and healing intention.

In my garden I cultivate and nurture over forty non gmo, chemical and pesticide free herbs. I strive to make the majority of my products from the plants that I grow or from what is abundant locally for me to respectfully and ethically wildcraft from the forests and mountains here in the interior of British Columbia.  When I do purchase herbs from elsewhere I buy organic and from trusted sources.

I also work with clients to create individual remedies and skincare products tailored for your body and your needs. Please contact me for details.

If you have any questions about my company or products please don't hesitate to contact me!

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